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Researching “Mindful Media”

From September 2015 to August 2016, I studied at The London School of Economics and Political Science, earning an M.Sc. in Media and Communication Governance. My time in London was unquestionably the most definitive and thrilling experience of my life. I was motivated to study there by a curiosity for what I now define as “mindful media.”

Mindful Media is the study of how beliefs relate to media. It is based on the suspicion that users engage – and contemplate – media more deeply than what is popularly recognized. I sought to explore whether researchers had the necessary language and data to address this depth that I believe media is engaged with and contemplated upon by people as a means of reshaping their lives.

I dedicated my dissertation to this topic. Under the supervision of the brilliant Professor Nick Couldry, I designed a qualitative study to research these issues. I explore the relevance of “consciousness” to media studies. Here, I am sharing my dissertation to start a formal discussion about “mindful media” and consider whether media could (and should) be used to help people evolve consciously. Can mediating technologies be optimized to invite experiences that foster our advancement?

Beliefs are curious and, in many ways, define our experiences and, by doing so, constitute our collective reality. If we use media to evolve our beliefs, can media be used to better our reality? I invite you to read my dissertation and share your thoughts about what a #MindfulMedia reality means to you. Click here to read my dissertation.

<p>I am a designer, researcher, and musician focused on unraveling the curious dynamics between creativity, consciousness, and culture. I recently graduated from the University of Washington Bothell, where I earned degrees in media, communication, and consciousness studies. I am a lifelong Indian Classical musician. I have been a web and graphic designer for various businesses across the Puget Sound area. I currently work for foundry10 as their Mindful Media & Design Researcher.</p> <p>With YantraWare, I hope to explore how play and mindfulness may have evolutionary implications for human health and wellness and thus inspire users towards greater compassion for their world and themselves.</p>

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