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Who We Are

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Created in 2014 in the Pacific Northwest with a goal for universally compassionate awareness, YantraWare is the central location for tools, education, games, communities, and discussions on mindfulness. We are delighted and fulfilled to continually work on and develop contemporary play-practice tools for mindfulness.

Executive Board

Aarshin Karande

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

I am a designer, researcher, and Indian Classical musician focused on unraveling the curious dynamics between creativity, consciousness, and culture. I graduated from the University of Washington Bothell with degrees in media, communication, and consciousness studies. With YantraWare, I hope to explore how media, play, and consciousness may have evolutionary implications for human health and wellness and possibly inspire users towards greater compassion for their world and themselves.

Drew Stone

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

I am a lifelong artist with a passion for collaboration across media disciplines. Being raised in a family of educators and artists, I am perpetually considering critical-purpose, and alternative learning techniques. I celebrate innovative, surprising, and creative thinking practices.

Developing YantraWare along with Aarshin and Andrew has been exciting for me; I love to bring new ideas to fruition with talented and dynamic teams such as this.

Staff & Consultants

Andrew Powell

Sound & Product Design

I strive to change and open minds through creative expression with a purpose and obscurity. I am in pursuit of a freedom for distinct individuality and courage for everyone to create and express themselves authentically.

It is through my collaborative efforts and multi media expressions which helps to drive and inspire my passion for life and art.

Advisory Board

Wanda V. Gregory

Professor; Game Design, Media, Video Games and Health

Wanda is a full-time lecturer at the University of Washington Bothell campus focusing on game design, transmedia storytelling, interactive media and entrepreneurship. She was the Founding Director of the Center for Serious Play (renamed Digital Future Lab) at UWB.

Prior to teaching, Wanda worked extensively in the media industry beginning in print working at the Seattle Times where she launched a publication for high school students before moving into the game industry. In this capacity she worked as Associate Producer for the Imagination Network a subsidiary of Sierra Online; Senior Director and Executive Producer of Online Media for Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro; Group Product Manager on the Xbox Live team; Executive Producer for Interactive Entertainment at Hidden City Games; and Vice President and Executive Producer for Flowplay overseeing the development of an MMO for tweens and teens.

Wanda is a three-time graduate of the UW, where she received a B.A. in English Literature, M.B.A. from the Foster School of Business and M.A. in Communications with a focus on digital media and games. During this period she also worked as a research assistant at the Human Interface Technology Lab (HitLab) on the Seattle campus. Currently Wanda is finishing up her dissertation on connected health through the University College of Dublin.

Wanda has served on a number of boards in the Seattle area. She is currently on the board of trustees and executive committee for Reel Grrls and the advisory board for the Honors Department at the University of Washington Seattle campus. In the past she has served on the board of Cornish School of the Arts, Powerful Voices and On the Boards.

Besides a passion for games, she is interested in hacktivism, connected health and Doctor Who.

Kathleen D. Noble

Professor of Consciousness

Dr. Kate Noble is Professor of Consciousness in the School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math at the University of Washington, Bothell (UWB). She is also a licensed clinical and counseling psychologist and the author of numerous books and research articles about spiritual intelligence, the psychology of giftedness, and the social and emotional effects of early university entrance. She has been a UW faculty member since 1990, first on the Seattle campus where she directed the Robinson Center for Young Scholars, and since 2010 on the Bothell campus where she has created and directs the Minor in Consciousness, the first program of its kind at a public research university in the world.

Professor Noble is also creating the Center for Research and Education in Consciousness (CERC) at UWB with the assistance of the UWB Student and Alumni Consciousness Clubs and supporters from the international community of consciousness scholars. Her goal is to raise a $20 million endowment that will enable faculty recruitment, cutting-edge research, community partnerships, scientific symposia, and continuing education programs for alumni and professionals in many fields. She also hopes through CERC to create robust undergraduate and graduate degrees in consciousness, thereby empowering the formal education of a new generation of scientists and scholars who can propel the study of consciousness into the 21st century.

Professor Noble’s current research focuses on the transformative effects of studying consciousness on students’ lives. She has mentored and continues to mentor numerous undergraduate students who have experienced and observed these effects firsthand and who bring an enormous sense of enthusiasm, commitment, and wonder to the task.